3 In 1 Bga Rework Station Yihua 853Aaa 650W Smd Hot Air Gun+ 60W Soldering Irons +500W Preheating Station

3 In 1 Bga Rework Station Yihua 853Aaa 650W Smd Hot Air Gun+ 60W Soldering Irons +500W Preheating Station

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Product Details

  • Rated Voltage220V
  • Diy SuppliesElectrical

Product Description

3 in 1 BGA Rework Station YIHUA 853AAA 650W SMD Hot Air Gun+ 60W Soldering Irons +500W Preheating Station Feature: Using microcomputer processor PID programmable temperature control technology Preheating station is to use a glaze layer having a high thermal effect, Good thermal shock resistance of the ceramic as the substrate, high-quality nickel branded alloy wire once sintering. It has a high thermal effect, overall good, good thermal stability, uniform heating, high dielectric strength, clean, easy to install and so on features. Air Gun heater use ceramic heater, heating elements firmly wrapped around the model ceramic, rapid and uniform heating.use the upgraded version fan, the airflow larger than the ordinary fan, spiral out of the wind, long life. 1. Soldering iron part using HAKKO heater, heating up rapidly, temperature stability, long service life; antistatic design to prevent electrostatic damage to delicate SMD components. 2. The machine has a self-test function, full intelligent over-temperature, short-circuit, open circuit, overload and fault display and protection functions. 3. 853AAA preheating station using the user-friendly design, the cover affixed with a high-temperature, insulated protection pads to prevent scalding operation. The stent uses magnetic induction technology, card board bracket to prevent protective pads suck hood above, can rotate 360 degrees, flexible card board, it is suitable for the circuit boards of different shapes and sizes. 4. 853AAA temperature correction function-to adapt to the environmental impact, or replace the heating elements, soldering iron tips etc. spare parts caused by temperature deviation, can use this function calibration temperature. The correction temperature range is -50 °C ~ +50 °C. 5. 853AAA has Celsius / Fahrenheit temperature display function meet different market needs to design the temperature display mode, you can choose under customary interest. Technical parameters: Voltage: AC220C ± 5% Max power consumption: 1270W Preheating station parts Temperature Range: 50 ~ 300 ° c or 50 ~ 400 ° c / 152 ~ 572 ° F or 152 ~ 752 ° F Temperature Stability: ± 2 ° c Display Type: LED Area: 120 * 120mm Hot Air Reworks parts Airflow type: brushless fan spiral out wind Air Flow: ≤130L / min Temperature Range: 100 ° c -480 ° c / 212 ° F ~ 896 ° F Temperature Stability: 100 ° c -480 ° c / 212 ° F ~ 896 ° F Display Type: LED Handle cable length: ≥100cm Soldering Iron parts Temperature Range: 200 ° c -480 ° c / 392 ° F ~ 896 ° F Soldering iron heater: Hakko heater Solder iron holder blue: Ferro-alloy iron holder Soldering iron handle: Blue iron handle Temperature Stability: ± 1 ° c Tip of ground voltage:

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